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Merry Christmas to all of you my friends! We are here providing some best Christmas tree photos and Christmas tree pictures with Santa Claus for you to share with your friends. Christmas is a joyful festival celebrated by millions all over the world. We celebrate Christmas because on 25th December Jesus Christ was born and since that day we celebrate 25th December as Christmas Day also known as X-Mas Day. This is a Christian festival, but everyone participates in the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday every year. People visit a church, light candles, listen to the stories of Jesus Christ in the church and wish each other Merry Christmas. People also disguise as Santa Claus and distribute Christmas presents to children and other family members also. So I wish may this Christmas brings you the gift of joy and happiness in your life. Merry Christmas!

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Many varieties of cuisines are prepared on Christmas eve. Everyone lives the Christmas Day different from a normal routine day. They dress up formally wearing new clothes, wish each other a Merry Christmas and give their families each other’s company to celebrate Christmas together.


OH Christmas Tree Photo with Santa

Christmas trees are an indispensable part of Christmas. People put Christmas trees in their houses for Christmas and it is because in ancient times, these trees woods were used to make temples and decorate houses, so now in this era also these trees are used as a part of Christmas decoration. People put decorative items on the Christmas tree and lights also which looks very beautiful and majestic.



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Santa Claus is quite popular among children mostly. Children expect that they would get a Christmas present from Santa Claus himself. They wait for Santa Claus every year. Sometimes parents and others wear the Santa Claus costumes and give them  Christmas gifts to make their Christmas more special. Christmas is an occasion to live happy moments, make happy memories and wishing each other a Christmas gift of beautiful things. Merry Christmas and keep sharing the pictures!


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